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tcs robotics

TCS history


TCS is created in 2009 in order to serve the automotive industry in terms of technology and services usually gathered from abroad, always improving the quality and drastically reducing costs.

TCS Robotics


2012 First Water Jet Robotic Cell Is Built In Mexico And It Was Proudly Made At TCS.

 TCS Robotics

2015 Fully automated production lines are totally constructed at TCS.

TCS Robotics

2017 A commercial agreement with Parker-Hannifin Mexico was made making of TCS your best choice for Hydraulic equipment in terms of Quality, Price and Service.

Shape technologies (Former DRS) commercial agreement was made for Water jet cells manufacturing in Mexico.

Started to export fully automated production lines to USA

 TCS Robotics


2019  TCS Robotics & Automation was created as a separate focused entity in order to develop the future of thermoforming technologies.

We became a consolidated original equipment manufacturer by providing our customers with a faster, affordable and better service.

 TCS Robotics



Develop improvement solutions for our customers through high quality robotic and automation equipment at low cost.



To be the leading robotics and automation company in innovation with the best cost-quality offer worldwide, thus contributing to the country’s labor, economic and technological growth.


In TCS we hold professional relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees based on:

  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity


Our Commitment

On-time delivery of the highest quality products and services, exceeding expectations and contributing to the economical and technological growth of our customers. All this while doing of TCS a better place to work.